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The Land to Market team are dedicated to driving large-scale impact and outcomes for our members who are farming and sourcing raw materials regeneratively. Co-led by David Rizzo and Chris Kerston, the growing team are passionate about regenerating grasslands, rewarding farmers, and driving more businesses in the marketplace to embrace a pro-planet approach – becoming members of Land to Market to take advantage of our unique ability to guide brands large and small along their journey to convert their supply chain gradually to include verified regenerating farms.

Chris Kerston

Chief Commercial Officer, Land to Market Program

Chris Kerston ranched full time for nearly 15 years before joining the Savory Institute. With a longstanding passion for regenerative agricultural and better food distribution systems, Chris has dedicated his life to helping connect ranchers with consumers in ways that create synergistic value for both sides. With formal training and instinctive talent, Chris utilizes media in concert with traditional marketing techniques to help ranchers share their stories and build long-lasting relationships with partners based upon common goals. For 6 years Chris co-managed a 2,000 acre diversified farm based on holistic grazing and permaculture in the Sacramento Valley. The farm is comprised of old growth olive orchards, heirloom stone fruits and citrus groves, and also raises grass fed cattle, sheep, goats, and pasture-raised chickens for both meat and eggs. Through creative positioning, the farm quickly attracted national notoriety and the attention from public figures such as Joel Salatin and Michael Pollan. Chris has also been recognized as a leader in the emerging agri-tourism market and he facilitated a partnership with a European-based hospitality company and the farm he managed. The resulting farmstays provided urban dwellers a recreational, but also educational, outlet to see first-hand how food could be produced in abundance outside the realm of conventional industrial systems. Chris has become a recognized public speaker championing for stronger connections between grower and eater and providing training to help build those connections. He has been on the forefront of the collaborative process with state and federal regulators, advocating for the recognition of alternative agricultural models as well as the consumers’ right to access healthy local foods. Chris is also very enthusiastic about developing opportunities for young ranchers. Fostering creative solutions to removing barriers of available land and capital will ultimately help cultivate the next generation of holistic land stewards.

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David Rizzo

Chief Operating Officer, Land to Market Program

David Rizzo’s career has evolved from its genesis in IT consulting and small business development to include operations, brand-building, and transformative leadership for internationally-recognized organizations with sustainable, earth-conscious values. Throughout his career in business and technology, one thing has remained at the core of his endeavors – a passion for respecting and protecting the great outdoors. That commitment forms the foundation for his role as Chief Operating Officer of the Savory Institute’s Land to Market Program. While owning an IT firm that offered unique approaches to client engagement and innovative ways of improving business processes through applied technology, David was invited by one of his clients – a startup focused on developing natural and nutritious dog treats – to join the team and help grow the brand beyond infancy. Under his expanded involvement in areas such as IT, marketing, finance, private equity, supply chain management, and operations logistics, Zuke’s went on to become one of the most recognizable names in the pet care industry. Working successfully within various business environments, David led mindful initiatives and strategies after Zuke’s was acquired by Nestle Purina in 2013 and integrated into Merrick Pet Care Pet Care in 2018. David holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and an MBA in marketing – both of which he continues to deploy in his lifelong commitment to earth-conscious production and net positive outcomes. Though a native Texan, he has spent the past 20 years calling Colorado home. Outside of work, David enjoys spending time with his son Hudson, traveling and exploring the great outdoors.

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Lisa Mabe

Marketing Communications

Lisa leads marketing communications at Land to Market and is an award-winning expert in consumer insights and marketing communications within the agriculture and natural products industry. She has over 16 years experience leading marketing communications programs for leading companies and organizations around the world such as Saffron Road, OBE Organic, Atkins Ranch, Meat & Livestock Australia and Global Animal Partnership. She is passionate about promoting companies who are producing better-for-the-planet products and connecting them to environmentally-conscious shoppers. Drawing from her extensive experience in consumer insights, specifically how people make purchase decisions and how products fit into their lives, Lisa brings her constant curiosity of the consumer. As she works to build a foundation of awareness of the Land to Market verification seal on verified products in the marketplace, Lisa draws from her experience marketing other leading product labeling programs. A native of North Carolina, Lisa grew up on a tobacco and horse farm near Winston-Salem. Lisa now resides in Maryland near Washington, DC. Outside of her work, Lisa enjoys playing with her two young children, collecting pretty views in nature, discovering new food experiences, riding horses and traveling to places like Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

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Megan Meiklejohn

SVP, Supply Chain Innovation

Megan Meiklejohn is a sustainability practitioner with experience working in the fashion, green building, and manufacturing sectors. As SVP of Supply Chain Innovation for Land to Market, Megan is focused on creating and scaling positive impact through strategic supply chain development and connecting regenerative growers to brands. She holds a BS in Environmental Resource Management from Penn State and an MS in Impact-Focused Business and Investing from the Glasgow Caledonian New York College. Since 2014, Megan has focused on supply chain transparency and the impacts from raw material sourcing within the fashion industry. At EILEEN FISHER, a NYC based women’s clothing brand, she worked with the Savory Institute’s Argentinian hub, Ovis 21, to source wool fiber from the network for the brand’s largest merino wool program. Seeing first-hand how a brand’s support of regenerative land management could help drive ecosystem restoration and financial stability for the growers, Megan's focus turned to creating positive outcomes through the lens of business. By designing supply chains from the farm forward, she has helped brands source natural fibers that support ecosystem functioning and local communities. After a decade in NYC, Megan now lives in Pennsylvania where she enjoys gardening, focusing on native plants to increase the biodiversity of her small plot of land.

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Felipe Urioste

Global Network and Latin American Regional Coordinator

Felipe Urioste is an Agronomist graduated from the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of the Republic in Uruguay. Being a producer and always focused on livestock, wanting to learn outside the context of his country, Felipe spent time living and working in New Zealand where he worked on dairy farms learning from different practices in throughout the country. Before returning to Uruguay he also spent time in Australia working on a sheep farm. Returning to South America and obtaining his degree, he worked as a livestock salesman at a leading Uruguayan rural company as well as one of the country's largest livestock exporters where he gained expertise in chain of production, agricultural production, supplement of livestock, production, and logistics of moving them to the port. In addition to these tasks, he was in charge of the foreign delegations and participated in the advice of cargo of livestock to ships with average capacity of 20,000 head of livestock.

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Jonnah Perkins

Client Success Manager

Jonnah's background in agriculture is at the intersection of high intensity production, direct to consumer systems management, business to business marketing, and multidisciplinary storytelling. Over a decade ago, her introduction to farming came through an opportunity to work alongside her family in their 3000+ member community supported agriculture program serving the Madison, WI area. Vermont Valley Community Farm was one of the nation's largest CSA farms delivering exclusively what was produced on-farm. Jonnah quickly established a donations program that annually put over 40,000 lbs of her farm's produce into schools and community centers around greater Madison and she became a public leader in efforts to fight food insecurity in southern Wisconsin. Her interest in food production extended beyond vegetable cultivation and into animal agriculture which led her to utilizing non-tillable acreage on her family's farm for a small chicken, hog and cattle enterprise. After 24 years of leadership in the CSA movement, Jonnah's family decided to retire the program to focus on organic seed potato production, through the new farm name, Mythic Farm. She was part of developing the farm into a national brand who’s potatoes are now grown out by farmers and gardeners around the country. In an effort to understand larger agricultural issues and have an impact beyond her home ecosystem, Jonnah applied her passion for written and visual storytelling to other landscapes. She has worked with global brands and publications in the outdoor recreation, wild food, agriculture, and culinary spaces to share stories that shape movements and build understanding around complex issues. Jonnah lives near the family farm with her husband and two children and she loves to explore close to home and in far away places.

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Adrian Rodrigues


Adrian is a close advisor to Land to Market and the Co-Founder and a Managing Director of Provenance Capital Group where he helps develop blended capital structures that catalyze resilient biological systems and businesses. Before Provenance, Adrian co-founded the boutique consulting firm Hyphae Partners where he helped companies finance and build regenerative business models. Additionally, he worked at Patagonia within its Venture Capital arm Tin Shed Ventures, helping author a standard for Regenerative Organic Agriculture and exploring Regenerative Organic Land Funds. He is an experienced asset allocator, fundraiser, and business model innovator. Adrian spent six years at Morgan Stanley helping long time horizon investors manage their asset allocations and diligence investment opportunities across asset classes and sectors. He has also lectured on food innovation at the University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business and designed and taught an entrepreneurship intensive for farmers at the Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture. Adrian is a graduate of Berkeley Haas’ full-time MBA program. At Haas, Adrian was a Portfolio Manager of the Haas Socially Responsible Investment Fund and a Member of the Center for Responsible Business’ Student Advisory Board. He also serves as an inaugural advisor for the Investor Resource Council of J.E.D.I. Collaborative, which aims to frame the business case for embedding equity, justice, diversity and inclusion into our entire food ecosystem. He received a B.A. in English from Williams College, studied English literature at Exeter College, Oxford University, and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He’s an avid chef, backyard farmer, and budding yogi.

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François-Jérôme (FJ) Selosse


FJ is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of Provenance Capital Group, where he works to enable the deployment of mission-aligned capital towards regenerative businesses and projects. Prior to PCG, he co-founded Hyphae Partners, a boutique consulting firm helping regenerative pioneers refine their business models and raise funds in order to scale their impact. As a former Fellow at the Environmental Defense Fund and a member of the sustainability team at TPG Capital, he has helped private companies design and implement numerous sustainability strategies. He is an experienced investor and business strategy expert. Prior to his MBA, FJ spent seven years working for investment banks, including Barclays Capital, and investment funds with over $2Bn in AUM to manage and invest capital across industries and asset classes, with a particular focus on high yield and distressed opportunities. He bore responsibilities spanning the entirety of the investment process including designing new investment strategies, developing deal sourcing pipelines, researching macro and idiosyncratic value drivers, performing deal due diligence, structuring deals, executing and managing investments, and managing risk at the portfolio level. FJ is a graduate of Berkeley Haas’ full-time MBA program where he focused on researching and designing blended financial structures that catalyze and align development, conservation, and agricultural stakeholders. He also holds a M.S. in Financial Engineering from NYU, and a B.A. in Economics and Statistics from the Ecole Polytechnique in France. FJ is also a 2020 Integrated Capital Fellow through RSF Social Finance.

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