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Land to Market™ (L2M) represents the highest level of integrity for regenerative agriculture. As the world’s first regenerative sourcing solution, Land to Market is dedicated to working with producers and brands to address the climate crisis and heal the planet.

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While providing you with a roster of verified producers that fits your supply needs, we simultaneously support your brand on a public communications front.

Each brand is unique, but we typically start your brand’s journey into Land to Market™ on the communications front. We begin with an assessment of the key stakeholders you would like to engage with on the story of regenerative grazing. This can be internal or external and often includes a composite approach to funders, advocacy groups, employees, and consumers. For those that want a more custom and high touch approach, we can then queue up a joint strategy to support the implementation of this communication plan.

The land is crying out for help. Be part of the regenerative revolution.

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Membership fees cover licensure to use the seal on products and to reference the trademark of Land to Market™ and Ecological Outcome Verification™ in supporting collateral, investment prospectuses, and CSR or other impact reports. It also includes an affidavit documentation to submit to labeling bodies (e.g., USDA in the USA) including labeling guidelines for proper usage of language and trademarked assets.


Join Land to Market today

Verified Land to Market Seal

Land to Market™ exists to differentiate regeneratively grown products — providing the land a voice in the marketplace. There are vertification programs for animal welfare, safe chemical usage, fair trade and worker welfare, but no program, until now, has identified and quantified improvements to the environment on which we all depend. Land to Market™ creates new value streams and opportunities for producers around the world while providing consumers with more transparency to allow them to vote with their dollars and support environmentally positive outcomes on the land.

Land to Market is all about verifiable regenerative agriculture.
We measure the full impact on the environment of soil health.
Look for the Land to Market Verified seal on products online or in your favorite store.
Land to Market focuses on products from animals on pasture.

Land to Market™ currently focuses on products from animals on pasture and we engage with farmers, processors, suppliers, and brands across sectors including meat, bones, organs, dairy, wool, cashmere, leather, and crops with animal integration. We are finding untapped synergies between sectors that typically do not engage with one another, despite the fact that they often source from the same raw material producers. The Land to Market on-product seal, leveraging the science of EOV™, gives the land a voice. The program empowers consumers by enabling them to play a role in healing nature through their purchasing decisions.

Ecological Outcome Verification™

EOV™, the scientific protocol that is the science inside Land to Market, is based on continuous improvement, rather than reaching thresholds or adhering to a set of practices. By design, EOV™ encompasses a much larger scope than just carbon. While carbon is the doorway in which many are entering the regenerative space, there are a multitude of reasons to include a broader range of measurements which demonstrate a stronger indication of overall environmental health, while simultaneously building a stronger carbon model. EOV™ shows farmers, through indicators of ecosystem health, how to read their land quickly and pivot management accordingly. Rather than telling a farmer what to do, EOV™ empowers farmers to make the best decisions for their land and context. The EOV™ process also provides an annual report that shows how their land is trending — is it getting healthier? more resilient? regenerating or degenerating?

EOV™ provides an aggregate of indicators of ecosystem health including:

  • soil health and fertility
  • sequestered carbon
  • water holding capacity of the soil
  • biodiversity, including soil microbiology, plants, and wildlife

Central to the program is Ecological Outcome Verification™ (EOV™), a scientific protocol developed by Savory Institute in collaboration with Michigan State University, Texas A&M, Ovis 21, The Nature Conservancy, and others, which measures land health and verifies whether farmland is in a state of regeneration or degeneration. It’s the first of its kind, being entirely outcomes-based and utilizing empirical data to back up regenerative claims. Land to Market labeled products are sourced from the properties showing positive regenerative outcomes through EOV™.

Benefits for Brand Partners

As a member brand in Land to Market™, you will receive three main pillars necessary for operating in the regenerative space: Supply, Science, and Storytelling.

We take a multi-pronged approach to onboarding regenerative and land-friendly supply for brands.


We take a multi-pronged approach to onboarding supply for brands. We provide you with a roster of existing producers and producer groups already verified through EOV™ that are demonstrating positive environmental outcomes. We conduct a comprehensive supply chain assessment and heatmap your specific needs to the growing volume of EOV™ verified supply. Simultaneously, we can work with your team and your existing supplier networks to develop a scope of work for setting up and collecting EOV™ data on properties from which you are already sourcing. A multi-year scale-up strategy is usually necessary for larger and more complex supply chains. By changing and/or verifying your brand’s sourcing, you will be at the forefront of the regenerative movement, sending signals back through the marketplace that brings more brands, consumers, and ultimately producers towards better practices.


EOV™ doesn’t just look at one single component of landscape health. It measures soil health, soil carbon, water infiltration rates and soil water holding capacity, and biodiversity across a number spectrums - soil microbiology, plants, and wildlife. We can work with your brand in setting and meeting your impact targets. Additionally, we maintain a Fast Facts library for you and your team - consumer-ready talking points and infographics on land regeneration that are supported by peer-reviewed studies. These facts can be injected into a number of different campaigns and communication vehicles.

Land to Market uses scientific methods to full evaluate landscape health.
We can help your brand tell the story of regeneration and pro-planet values to consumers.


Storytelling is critical for aligning with consumers on shared values. When considering the environmental impact of day-to-day purchases, shoppers currently rely on assumptions, hearsay, or best guesses. Bringing empirical data into the conversation unleashes a food and fiber democracy the likes of which the world has never seen before. Today’s consumers desperately want to be included in solving the world’s biggest issues like climate change, natural disasters and water insecurity. It is this consumer empowerment that drives us. We work with each brand to tell a story that fits your specific use-case and brand archetype. This authentic and expressive content tells the story of regeneration, a story of inclusion and hope. These throughlines can easily transition into talking about family-farming, rural-revival, and a myriad of social empowerment stories. As our global network burgeons there is an endless runway of new stories to tell. Through this partnership, we can craft the strategies that will transport your customers to these incredible landscapes and flourishing communities.

Land to Market™ represents the highest level of integrity for regenerative agriculture. As the world’s first regenerative sourcing solution, L2M is dedicated to working with producers and brands to address the climate crisis and heal the planet.

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