What are the consumer benefits of consuming/buying products sourced from verified regenerative land?

Consumers, retailers, and the food service industry vote with their dollar. When purchasing products from regenerative land, they can feel confident that they are consuming products that, when being made, are improving the health of the planet versus further degrading the land.

What percentage of the product is regenerative if it includes the Land to Market seal on its package?

Claims on the package will indicate which of the ingredients specifically come from verified regenerative land.

What does the Land to Market verification seal convey?

When you see the Land to Market verified seal, you know that product comes from verified regenerative land. Consumers can know a product’s impact on the environment, with empirical data to back it up, and know that that product is having a net-positive impact on the land.

Where can you find Land to Market products?

There are hundreds of Land to Market verified products in the marketplace, ranging from food to fashion. Look for the Land to Market verification seal.

How do farmers and producers participate in Land to Market?

Anyone can become a member. Everyone’s journey into regenerative agriculture is different. All farms are required to go through the EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) process (see question above); once they are an “EOV verified farm,” then their products are eligible to be Land to Market verified.

How does Land to Market work with companies to make supply chains more sustainable?

We support our members with supply access to sourcing food and fiber from verified regenerative land around the globe.