Ecological Outcome Verification™

Savory Institute’s outcomes-based protocol for verifying land regeneration
EOV Regeneration Measure: Ground CoverEOV Regeneration Measure: Water InfiltrationEOV Regeneration Measure: BiodiversityEOV Regeneration Measure: Soil Carbon & Soil Health

EOV™ was developed by Savory Institute in collaboration with Michigan State University, Texas A&M, Ovis 21, The Nature Conservancy, and an extensive network of regenerative land managers around the world. It is the science inside of Land to Market.

EOV is driven by producers - Farmer First Regenerative Agriculture

Farmer First

EOV™ reflects Savory Institute’s enduring commitment to farmer education, support, and continuous improvement in community with their peers and with respect for their given context. EOV™ is driven by producers — with an outcome-based approach — instead of top-down, with practice-based benchmarks.

Farms & ranches can join Land to Market’s Verified Regenerative Supplier Roster

Opening New Markets

Farms and ranches with positive outcomes through EOV™ are eligible to join Land to Market’s Verified Regenerative Supplier Roster. Buyers, brands, retailers, and consumers can source products or services that have been produced on verified regenerative land.

EOV monitoring is carefully done by professionals to ensure positive outcomes for the land

Quality Assurance

EOV™ monitoring is carried out by accredited Verifiers and Monitors with deep knowledge of the region. Data is analyzed by the regional Savory Hub Verifier and the Global Quality Assurance Team.

“EOV has given our operation invaluable data to make better management decisions. I would recommend EOV to any producer wanting to make positive changes on their landscape while connecting with a broader consumer base.”
Properly managed livestock have the potential to improve soil fertility, sequester carbon, restore hydrologic function, and increase biodiversity.

Ecological Outcome Verification™ (EOV™) is a scalable and affordable methodology that farmers and ranchers can use to measure regenerative outcomes on their land.

If you are a producer, farmer, or rancher interested in EOV™ and being a part of Land to Market’s supplier roster, click here.
Livestock and grasslands can thrive together through regenerative agriculture - Land to Market