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Regenerative Leadership Council

Land to Market’s Regenerative Leadership Council includes brand members who were some of the very first to support Land to Market and commit to overhauling extractive supply chains, reversing climate change, restoring wildlife habitats and rebuilding communities. These market partners have rolled up their sleeves to both invest in funding paradigm-shifting new initiatives and have played an active role in the prototyping phase and now the market rollout. These founding brand members have helped us accelerate our mission and are now close advisory partners in the continued development of this exciting new verification. As this initiative grows and expands it will inherently become more programatized; we want to work with a very small group of trusted allies, who have skin in the game, to help us shape our growth based on your brand’s expertise and needs.

This cadre of brands were our supporters, those who invested in Land to Market’s growth before it was fully baked. They acknowledged that there would be a longer iterative journey, but they saw the future potential value to change the way business is done. They are some of our most-trusted market members. As part of our goal to operate more like a trade organization representing regenerative, we are evolving this structure to this council to have a broader group of stakeholders able to collaborate with one another across multiple industries.