Karin Brothers

Supply Chain Integrity Coordinator

Karin's journey in regenerative agriculture began when she combined her academic background in environmental science with her creative love for leather crafting.

While working for a large leather supplier, she became dissatisfied and sickened with the lack of traceability and transparency in the leather industry. Determined to find a better way of sourcing her leather, she connected with Land to Market in search for verified regenerative supply. This resulted in her sourcing regeneratively verified leather and becoming a Land to Market brand member with her small leather goods brand, Lagom Leather. Through this experience, Karin became energized by the work required to create a world where regeneratively sourced products are actualized in the marketplace.

She started working with Terra Genesis on supply chain innovation in regards to cropping. However, while that work was very fulfilling, she wanted to focus more on livestock supply chains.

Karin now serves as Land to Market's Supply Chain Integrity Coordinator where she tracks the flow of verified materials to ensure traceability and integrity of the Land to Market on-product seal and associated claims in the market. She has a Master's degree in Environmental Science from the University of Exeter in Cornwall, UK. Karin grew up in Zambia, Sweden and the UK and has been based on the west coast of the US since 2020.

She's a keen surfer, cyclist, tea drinker and ocean lover.

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