Alexandre Family Farm

Alexandre Family Farm

A family-run farm located in Northern California, Alexandre Family Farm offers a selection of Land to Market Verified milk as well as yogurt, eggs, and cream.

Understanding that health begins with soil, the Alexandres have cultivated a complex nutrient cycle that takes root in year-round green grasses, and comes full circle on your table in the form of delicious, nutrient-dense organic milk and eggs.

Their dairy cows and hens enjoy true outdoor living as they graze open pastures alongside each other, a way of farming that the Cornucopia Institute describes as, Exemplary – beyond organic.

The depth of their commitment: to family tradition, to regenerative organic farming, and to providing consistent quality from their single-origin farm, is matched only by the depth of taste in their products.

When you see the Land to Market verification seal on products, like Alexandre Family Farm milk, you can know that the product comes from farm land that is verified as regenerating, making the Earth better and healthier. Learn more about Alexandre Family Farm at

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Alexandre Family Farm
Alexandre Family Farm
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