Ella Ratliff

Operations Manager

Ella Ratliff is an operations professional who joins the Land to Market team from the technology industry where she specialized in building strategic relationships within the data and cybersecurity sectors.

After shifting her career focus to closer align with her passions, Ella is dedicated to fostering lasting relationships between leading brands and the farmers, ranchers and supporting processors who are working to better the planet through regenerative land practices. Ella first became interested in regenerative agriculture while spending a year studying critical global issues and environmental justice through a student travel program in Ecuador, Thailand, India, and South Africa.

She spent time working alongside a local farmer’s co-op in Chiang Mai, Thailand that greatly influenced her belief that a shift towards a regenerative, holistic method of agriculture is paramount to the wellbeing of people, animals and our earth.

Ella continues to volunteer at local farms and markets whenever possible and as an avid gardener spends much of her free time in her backyard garden with her hands in the dirt. Ella holds a degree in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado, loves to trail run, climb, and mountain bike, and lives in the Boulder area with her partner and two cats.

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