Spot Farms

Spot Farms

Spots Farms is a family-owned brand that provides high-quality, premium human-grade treats and foods to the pet specialty market, based in the USA. 

Spot Farms mission is to make the best treats for your dog using the finest ingredients available. They partner with farm families across the country to bring you and your dogs the very best regionally grown, antibiotic-free chicken, turkey and pork. 

Spot Farms has committed to donating 1% of annual sales to the Land to Market program. “The Spot Farms brand has been committed to our farmers since day one, and this partnership and commitment to regenerative agriculture is our way of committing to our farming future. We are ecstatic to work with the Savory Institute to support the environment and our nation's farming industry that helps us provide the best ingredients and nutrition for your pets both now and for years to come.” says Ryan Perdue, Founder of Spot Farms.

See Spot Farms’s announcement to partner with Land to Market here. Support brands, like Spot Farms, that are on their journey to support regenerative agriculture and regenerating the planet’s grasslands. Learn more at their website here

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Spot Farms
Spot Farms
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