Pasturebird proudly uses the term “always outside” to display how their chickens live on pasture 24/7. This lifestyle eliminates the need for antibiotics to fight disease. Instead the healthy environment of pasture, sunshine, fresh air, and space all prevent sickness and provide their chickens with a functioning immune system. 

“My vision has less to do with size and more to do with impact. I want to leave a positive mark on global agriculture.  I want to see environmentally destructive factory farming come to an end.

I want to see a future that's regenerative, where manure is an asset and not a liability.  Where we're building soil organic matter, producing a nutrient dense chicken, and giving animals a high level of welfare that we can be proud of and transparent to.” - Farmer Paul, Co-Founder of Pasturebird 

Support brands, like Pasturebird, that are on their journey to support regenerative agriculture and regenerating the planet’s grasslands. Learn more at their website here

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