Gleason Bison

Gleason Bison

Gleason Bison, based in Durango, Colorado USA, is a cow-calf and live animal sales operation that raises 100% grassfed and holistically managed bison. 

Regenerative agriculture is at the heart of Gleason Bison’s operation. This means Gleason Bison is having a net positive impact on the land and environment, and also the importance of data confirming this impact. Using Land to Market’s scientific methodology, Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV), Gleason Bison tracks, monitors and measures indicators of soil health including soil carbon content, water efficiency, and percent of bare ground. Through this comprehensive and contextually relevant methodology, we make management decisions to improve soil health and land productivity resulting in carbon sequestration, improved wildlife habitat, and drought resilience.

Gleason Bison desires to weave the relationship of the animals, the environment, and the people together resulting in an intimate knowledge of where your meat comes from and the essential role of the animals in creating a healthy ecosystem on the land. Owner and operator, Sarah Gleason, had the privilege of working with both Allan Savory and the Savory institute for multiple years, learning, studying, and visiting holistically managed operations around the globe. 

You can vote with your dollar for a healthier planet by purchasing regeneratively-sourced, Land to Market verified bison meat from Gleason Bison here → And look for Land to Market verified bison steaks coming soon to grocery retailers in Southwest Colorado.

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Gleason Bison
Gleason Bison
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