Training, Coaching, and Monitoring
for Regenerative Management

Grants available for Australian prime lamb producers interested in regenerative outcomes


Prime Sheep Producers Have a Great Opportunity

Land to Market and the Savory Institute Global Network, is partnering with Deckers—a large US-based fashion company that owns the Ugg brand—and the Australian Holistic Management Co-operative, to invest in Australian pasturelands.

We are seeking Australian sheep producers ready to participate in the Holistic Management and regeneration of a collective 400,000 hectares of privately managed grazing lands over the next four years.  

Participating producers will be given opportunities to work with both Australian and international Savory Institute Accredited Professionals to:

  • Receive ecosystem monitoring services to track ecosystem services trends. (Including reporting that will provide insights into how ecosystem services are functioning and management decisions impacting them.)
  • Access to Holistic Management training customised to your land and desired regenerative outcomes.
  • Receive quality coaching and support.
  • Participate in virtual Zoom sessions with other participating producers.
  • Potentially access future market opportunities that bring greater value to the whole farm and whole animal utility.
  • Be part of the solution to heal land and climate through outcomes based monitoring and not practice driven systems.

A Value of More Than $10,000 USD

Regenerative Outcomes for Australian Pasturelands

The professional training, support, and Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) for land monitoring services provided through this opportunity are valued at more than $10,000 USD annually. Graziers accepted into this program will receive these services at no cost. Your time commitment will be approximately 4-5 days per year. 

This program is ideally suited to producers commencing their regenerative journey, who would appreciate input and implementation support. 

As part of your onboarding process in the first year, your farm will be baselined using EOV, a scientific protocol that tracks land health trends (carbon, soil health, water, biodiversity) and informs management decisions for desired outcomes. EOV shows farmers, through indicators of ecosystem services, how to read their land quickly and adapt management accordingly. Holistic Management training and support customized to your land and desired regenerative outcomes will follow to optimize your lands outcomes.

Later in the project, through the growing pool of participating producers, Land to Market will seek to offer differentiated regeneratively grown products from your lands into the marketplace, with a strong evidence base (EOV) to underpin this connection.

Be a part of the regenerative grazing revolution in Australia

2022/2023: Year Two Launch of the Program

After a highly-successful first year of this project and receiving additional funding, this second year we are seeking additional commercial-scale, Australian prime lamb producers to form a Producer Leadership group of 45 landholders. If year two is successful, further funding may be secured for additional farm engagement, training, and EOV implementation.

Applicants will be prioritized based on applicability to the grant requirements (below) and on a first-in basis.

To our knowledge, this is the first time a program of this scale, designed to support and equip graziers, measure outcomes and provide market differentiation, funded from a private-sector organization, has been offered in Australia. We will be looking for feedback from our participating producers to guide, shape, and refine the program so that we can demonstrate measurable changes in the landscape and in businesses, while achieving additional value for producers.

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