Wyatt Ball

Business Development Manager

Wyatt’s journey into regenerative agriculture first emerged at the age of 18 after experiencing the beauty of farming with nature during an off-chance WWOOF-ing experience in southern Portugal. Ever since, each step in his journey has been aimed at gaining a more wholesome understanding of regeneration, agriculture, and community.

Having worked within both rural and quasi-urban production agriculture models – from ranching in Colorado to pastured poultry in Georgia to hydroponic vegetable production in rural Bahamas, Wyatt thrives in contexts where he can blend his international experience with his love for stewarding land, soil, and community. He is a trained Savory EOV monitor, an avid soil health enthusiast, and a lover of animals and land alike.

He holds a BSc in Business Administration from University of Bath (UK), an MSc in International Sustainability Management from ESCP Business School (DE/FR), and more recently, he is a graduate of Nicole Master’s 2022 CREATE program – an intensive deep dive into all things soil health and regeneration.

As a Business Development Manager for Land to Market, Wyatt gets to enjoy each day doing what he loves to do – building bridges between producers, brands, businesses in a way that regenerates nature so that human, animal, plant, and land can all thrive. Originally from South Carolina, Wyatt currently lives on a polyculture ranch in Boulder County where his partner manages the food processing side of the business. He enjoys climbing, playing soccer, cycling, and digging holes.

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