Megan Meiklejohn

SVP, Supply Chain Innovation

Megan Meiklejohn is a sustainability practitioner with experience working in the fashion, green building, and manufacturing sectors.

As SVP of Supply Chain Innovation for Land to Market, Megan is focused on creating and scaling positive impact through strategic supply chain development and connecting regenerative growers to brands. She holds a BS in Environmental Resource Management from Penn State and an MS in Impact-Focused Business and Investing from the Glasgow Caledonian New York College.

Since 2014, Megan has focused on supply chain transparency and the impacts from raw material sourcing within the fashion industry. At EILEEN FISHER, a NYC based women’s clothing brand, she worked with the Savory Institute’s Argentinian hub, Ovis 21, to source wool fiber from the network for the brand’s largest merino wool program. Seeing first-hand how a brand’s support of regenerative land management could help drive ecosystem restoration and financial stability for the growers, Megan's focus turned to creating positive outcomes through the lens of business.

By designing supply chains from the farm forward, she has helped brands source natural fibers that support ecosystem functioning and local communities.

After a decade in NYC, Megan now lives in Pennsylvania where she enjoys gardening, focusing on native plants to increase the biodiversity of her small plot of land.

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