Lisa Mabe

Marketing Communications

Lisa leads marketing communications at Land to Market and is an award-winning expert in consumer insights and marketing communications within the agriculture and natural products industry.

She has over 16 years experience leading marketing communications programs for leading companies and organizations around the world such as Saffron Road, OBE Organic, Atkins Ranch, Meat & Livestock Australia and Global Animal Partnership. She is passionate about promoting companies who are producing better-for-the-planet products and connecting them to environmentally-conscious shoppers.

Drawing from her extensive experience in consumer insights, specifically how people make purchase decisions and how products fit into their lives, Lisa brings her constant curiosity of the consumer. As she works to build a foundation of awareness of the Land to Market verification seal on verified products in the marketplace, Lisa draws from her experience marketing other leading product labeling programs.

A native of North Carolina, Lisa grew up on a tobacco and horse farm near Winston-Salem. Lisa now resides in Maryland near Washington, DC. Outside of her work, Lisa enjoys playing with her two young children, collecting pretty views in nature, discovering new food experiences, riding horses and traveling to places like Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

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