UNION Launches Land to Market Verified Regenerative BLACK TRUFFLE SALAMI

As part of a commitment to address climate change and heal the planet, UNION’s new Black Truffle Salami is made from 100% heritage-breed, pasture-raised pigs from White Oak Pastures.

Rochester, NY, April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today UNION, a charcuterie snack company with a modern take on timeless charcuterie, launches its new Land to Market verified regenerative Black TruffleSalami, the first salami in a line of upcoming Limited Release regenerative salamis.  In a co-branded collaboration with White Oak Pastures, a verified regenerative farm in Bluffton, GA, the salami is sourced from heritage-breed, pasture-raised pigs that are part of the 3200-acre regeneratively managed farm that incorporates ten species of animal.  

The Black Truffle Salami is Land to Market verified, which means the products came from land that is verified regenerative.  Land to Market is the world’s first verified sourcing solution for regenerative agriculture.  Regenerative agriculture isa nature-based approach that goes far beyond sustainability to continuously improve the entire ecosystem — soil, water, air, animals, and community.  

Union Black Truffle Salami is Verified Land to Market Regenerative
Union Black Truffle Salami is Verified Land to Market Regenerative

“While charcuterie is timeless, it is certainly having a moment right now and we wanted to launch a product that was both delicious and truly beneficial to the Earth. An umami rich Black Truffle Salami is a delectable marriage of both,” said Caroline Mehta, CEO of UNION.  “As a food company and parents ourselves, we are compelled to create products and source ingredients that protect our planet’s biodiversity.  According to the World Wildlife Fund, North America has lost 33% of its biodiversity since 1970 and over a million acres of grasslands are converted into croplands each year.  With this land use conversion comes an increased use of biocides and habitat loss.  When we source from farms such as White Oak Pastures, we know we are encouraging biodiversity from the soil up through the sky and shielding our planet’s precious ecosystems from further destruction.”

“Eating our pork is a legendary culinary experience,” says Jenni Harris of White Oak Pastures. “Hogs have been an important historical contributor to the dining table in Georgia for centuries.  Hogs were traditionally raised in the woods, as they are the ultimate forest creature.   We are excited to partner with UNION to create a Black Truffle Salami that has massive flavor and a positive nutritional, environmental and social impact.” 

UNION’s Black Truffle Salami is an indulgent, truffle-rich pork salami, and the perfect pairing for wine, or addition to a charcuterie board.  The unique, eco-friendly paper tube package makes for a beautiful gift for the truffle-maniac in your life.  It is available starting today as a Limited Release at unionsnacks.com and at select specialty retail boutiques across the country.

“When you choose products with the Land toMarket seal, you support the farmers and ranchers who are doing right by the planet,” said Chris Kerston, co-leader of Land to Market. “With UNION’s Land toMarket verified Black Truffle Salami, consumers can have confidence that their purchase is helping to regenerate the land.”

Land to Market works directly with farmers, ranchers and other raw material producers using Ecological Outcome Verification™(EOV), a scientific protocol that measures land health and verifies whether farmland is in a state of regeneration or degeneration. EOV was developed by the nonprofit Savory Institute, together with Michigan State University, Texas A&M, The Nature Conservancy and others.

As farmers and ranchers implement practices that regenerate their land, EOV™ measures the environmental impact and provides feedback for continuous improvement.  As more land is regenerated, more vegetation is grown, and more CO2 is removed from the atmosphere — helping to reduce temperature shifts caused by rising carbon in the atmosphere. In this way, regenerative agriculture has a critical role to play in addressing climate change.

Products with the Land to Market seal are sourced from farms and ranches showing positive environmental outcomes through EOV™.


UNION Makes innovative charcuterie snacks that bring together whole food plant and animal ingredients, globally inspired flavors and above all, an awareness of where food comes from.  Our charcuterie snacks provide a uniquely modern take on the timeless tradition of charcuterie. Through our partnerships and collaborations with regenerative farms, our products are not only delicious, but they are also better for the Earth.


About White Oak Pastures

White Oak Pastures is a six generation, 152-year old family farm in Bluffton, Georgia. They take pride in farming practices that focus on regenerative land management, humane animal husbandry, and revitalizing their rural community.  They know radically traditional farming creates products that are better for their land, livestock and village.  They are fiercely proud of their zero-waste production system that utilizes each part of the animals they pasture-raise and hand-butcher on the farm.


About Land to Market

A leader in the regenerative agriculture movement, Land to Market is the world’s first outcomes-based verified regenerative sourcing solution. The program’s Land to Market Verified seal has attracted some of the world’s leading consumer packaged goods companies, apparel brands and retailers. A program of the Savory Institute, Land to Market uses a science-based approach working directly with raw material producers to enhance transparency and traceability mechanisms across the entire value chain. To see the full list of Land to Market members, visit http://landtomarket.com.