Slowing Down while the Holidays Speed Up

As the holiday season begins earlier and earlier each year, we step back and let the deluge rush right past us. We are holding steady to the principals that are foundational to Land To Market.

As the holiday season begins earlier and earlier each year, we step back and let the deluge rush right past us. We are holding steady to the principals that are foundational to Land To Market: voting with our dollar, not consuming more than we need, supporting agricultural systems that create regenerative outcomes, and fostering abundance for farmers, ranchers, processors, and brands who work to bring ecosystem balance back to the fore.

Cooking, gifting, and taking care of each other are a central part of this time of year. We put together a roundup of some of our favorite ways to show our care for the planet, land stewards, and each other. Join us in supporting systems that create health and longevity of land, our bodies, and the products we choose to purchase. As we build a new supply chain of verified regenerative raw materials, we are in a constant state of doing things the hard way, with the intention of doing things in a regenerative way. So for this holiday season, let's step back from the urgency of consumption and lean into the urgency of regenerating ecosystems.


Sourced from Casad Family Farms in Oregon, the Onda Whole Hemp CBD tincture was born from friendship, love for the land, and commitment to regenerative ecosystems. Founder, Stephen Smith, harvests the hemp and processes the oil by hand. Stephen on what makes Onda Whole Hemp CBD oil special, “Our slow, artisanal infusion process offers the widest array of naturally occurring plant nutrients that the plant has to offer. We trust in how our farmers manage the land and grow their crops and would never want to limit or disrupt the full expression of the plant’s offering. Unlike extracts such as CO2 or ethanol, our direct flower oil infusion provides a deeper connection to the land by way of embracing all that nature has to offer.”

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The Ugg Classic Regenerate Boot, sourced from Atkins Ranch sheepskins, was a multi-year project that we are so proud to see out in the world. Nicks Ericsson, Senior Director of Brand Purpose, Sustainability, and DEI (diversity equity inclusion) on the importance of sourcing: “We've tried to find how we can actually have a positive impact on the planet through materials. Materials are where we have our biggest environmental impact. We know that's where we have the biggest opportunity for positive impact, but also to reduce our negative impacts. We see regenerative as a way for us to have a positive impact on the planet and also tying into this idea of longevity. We want our consumers and our products to live for a long time. Now we have a way of making sure that there's longevity of land and a legacy for the future through regenerative.” 

Ugg Classic Regenerate boot

photo: Ugg


Fond was founded on the healing properties of bone broth and a passion for sharing fresh, regeneratively sourced ingredients. Founder, Alysa Seeland (read her full story here): “I love to garden, and I love to be close to the land, and for my food to be as close to the land as it can be. And I know that’s not possible for everyone, so another reason we started FOND was to give that farmer’s market access and quality to everyone. Not everyone has access to a farmer’s market, so our mission has always been to use the freshest ingredients possible in our bone broths. We use the best chicken and beef we can find, then combine it with all fresh, organic herbs, and we make our broth in a beautifully shelf-stable format so that anyone can have access to it for a long time (at least two years unopened!).

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The eco-luxury brand, Eileen Fisher, has always had sustainability and longevity at its core. In their raw material sourcing and production, the brand says, “ We want to make clothes in a way that actually helps make things better. That’s why we’re rethinking everything we know. We’re moving away from a linear model, to one that’s truly circular. That means choosing fibers that are regenerative, renewable, and recyclable.” 

Eileen Fisher Regenerative Wool collection

photo: Eileen Fisher


Ice cream that is sourced from Alexandre Family Farm dairy that comes in six creative spins on classic flavors! CEO/Founder, Alec Jaffe’s story is as fun as his ice cream: “I taught myself to make ice cream in elementary school for a school project and grew up exploring my relatives’ sustainable farmland. I didn’t realize how defining those childhood moments would be until I was an uninspired and unsatisfied adult perusing pints in the freezer aisle. I knew we could do better. So I perfected my signature recipe and set out to source the best ingredients our earth has to offer. The result is the first-ever regenerative organic ice cream—one that’s improving our world through the way it’s created and through the smiles that it creates in turn. I hope that my elementary-school self would be proud.”

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Based in eastern Oklahoma, REP Provisions is the direct-to-consumer brand within Double P Ranch. Farmer/Owner, Eric Perner feels connected to both the land and those eating from his ranch because the meat ships directly from the farm. We caught up with Eric about how he chose the cuts for the REP Provisions holiday Beef, Love, Joy box: “We wanted to offer something around the holiday with recipes that could be really simple. They're not complicated cuts. A roast, anyone can put in a nice roast in a crock-pot and serve it that day. And of course, ground beef, that's a simple one as well. And then a new product in the box is short ribs, but we sliced them in Korean short ribs style. We even have a line of our own sauces that pair great with these regenerative meats. We provide most of the ingredients list for folks if that's what they desire. These are super comfort foods around the holidays.  The name, Beef, Love, Joy encompasses everything that we believe in. This is another great way to convey our message.”

REP Provisions Meat Boxes

photo: REP Provisions


Leading the Slow Body Movement™, Summer Solace is dedicated to the use of preserving the traditional use of regional and regenerative tallow. Founder/CEO Megan Bre Camp on what skincare has to do with regenerating ecosystems: "It is wise to eat organic, seasonally, and regionally for sound health and nutrition. What we put on our skin should also reflect our local environment- it's plants and animals that sequester carbon from the atmosphere and that are grown and grazed on regenerative soil, just as our ancestors have[…}As a woman of color with indigenous roots, I believe that we should have a connection to what we put on our skin and use in our homes—connecting to the land, environment, and seasons and my community through the farmers’ market sparked me to build my brand around the Slow Body Movement™."

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