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Purchase Land to Market Verified Products to Help Save the Planet

Give gifts with a purpose this holiday season! Land to Market, the world’s first verified sourcing solution for regenerative agriculture, suggests the following gifts from renowned brands that are fighting climate change by restoring the land.

Each of Land to Market’s brand members showcase the Land to Market verification seal, a distinction given to only those products that come from verified regenerating land. All of these companies (and all of our members) are committed to going far beyond sustainability to continuously improve land health, like soil biology as well as the entire ecosystem – water, land, air and animals. What does this mean? Consumers can trust that their purchase of Land to Market verified products are helping to regenerate grasslands and improve the health of the planet.

Verified Land to Market Label - Regenerative Agriculture Seal

Look for the Land to Market Label

Look for the Land to Market label in the marketplace, from grocery stores to department stores.


This super soft and stylish bag will delight when it’s opened. This Mini Tote by Lagom Leather is hand-made and comes from leather sourced from land that’s verified regenerative from the USA. Give a bag that’s good for the planet and the perfect size to fit all your bits and bobs. Shop for the planet; purchase at SRP $179 USD.

Lagom Leather Mini Tote - Gift Guide

The California Collection by Summer Solace Tallow®

Inspired by and drawn from the Northern California coast, the California Collection by Summer Solace Tallow® is composed of an introspective smoked tea and vetiver scented candle, a thalasso therapeutic exfoliating Mendocino seaweed soap, a sensual and centering Masculin Féminin body balm, and a cardamom orange lip balm, warm like the setting sun. Founded by a woman of color, with indigenous roots in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and the Filipino countryside, Oakland-based Summer Solace crafts everything slowly by hand – starting by rendering the fat of local, regenerative, pasture-raised cattle from Stemple Creek Ranch into nourishing tallow and blending it with truly extra-virgin olive oil grown by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation -- to form the base of every soap, balm, and candle. Meticulously sourced essential oils, absolutes, and specialized ingredients like Sonoma-grown calendula flowers round out their holistic offerings for home and body.

Shop for the planet; purchase at SRP $93.50 USD

Summer Solace Candle - Gift Guide

Wild Patagonian Jerky Dog Treats

Pets are family and deserve only the best for the holidays and all year round! That is why Wild Patagonian launched Premium Jerky Dog Treats. No grain or fillers. No artificial ingredients. No added nitrates/nitrites. Only the best nature can deliver. Offered in two flavors, Just Beef and Beef and Organic Sweet Potato, both made with 100% grass fed and pasture-raised beef sourced directly from regenerative prairies. Wild Patagonian does not take the climate crisis lightly and also offsets its carbon footprint by planting a native species tree in Patagonia, Chile for every cattle harvested. Shop for the planet; purchase these dog treats at select retail stores exclusively in New York. SRP $19.99 USD per pouch.

Wild Patagonian Jerky Dog Treats - Land to Market Gift Guide

Timberland Regenerative Leather Boots for Men

This fall, Timberland introduces a Regenerative Leather version of one of its most iconic styles: the Men’s Timberland® Heritage EK+ 6-Inch Waterproof Boots with Regenerative Leather, based on the Original Yellow Boot design from 1973. These boots use regenerative leather from farms whose agricultural practices help restore the land. This is just one way Timberland is driving product innovation and working toward its goal for 100% of the natural materials used in its products to be sourced through regenerative agriculture by 2030. Shop for the planet; purchase at, Timberland® stores and select retailers. SRP $210 USD.


Onda, a wellness brand, exists to heal people, empower farmers, and support regeneration of the Earth. Content Mint – Onda’s best-selling Whole Hemp CBD – is infused with mint to provide a refreshing, calm-inducing burst of taste and smell, the perfect medicinal, flavoral base for coffee and tea, smoothies, salad dressings, cocktails, skincare products, or just as is. 20% of purchase directly benefits the Kiss the Ground Impact Fund to support initiatives that fund farmers and transitioning farmland, regenerative advocacy and activism, and policymaking. Shop for the planet; purchase at SRP $78 USD.

Timberland Regenerative Leather Boots for Men - Land to Market Gift Guide

Onda Wellness Content Mint - Land to Market Gift Guide

Figure Ate Foods Beef Biltong

An ideal stocking stuffer for epicureans, Figure Ate Foods’ South African-style Biltong is the more tender, flavor rich cousin to jerky, each with 32g of protein but without the sugar and other “stuff” found in typical beef jerky. Made from grass fed and grass finished premium beef that is Certified Humane and pasture raised, Figure Ate Foods’ Biltong supports the regeneration of grasslands and provides a nourishing, delicious protein snack to enjoy. Available in two flavors, the Original Biltong recipe remains true to the South African tradition, featuring the earthy tones of coriander and black pepper. The Spiced Biltong builds on the Original with just a hint of heat from garlic and red pepper. Shop for the planet; purchase at - Original and Spiced. SRP $11.99 USD per pouch.

Figure Ate Foods Beef Biltong - Land to Market Gift Guide

White Oak Pastures Leather Toiletry Bag Bundle

This beautiful toiletry bag is handcrafted from our grassfed leather here on the farm in our zero-waste leather shop and Marketplace.

What's Inside this Bundle?

  • Leather Toiletry Bag - measures 8" x 4" x 6"
  • Tallow Tobacco & Flannel Candle
  • Cedarwood Hand Salve
  • Peppermint Tallow Soap Bar

Shop for the planet; purchase at SRP $79.99 USD.

White Oak Pastures - Toiletry Bag Bundle - Land to Market Gift Guide

Fauna Daily Restorative Cream

Introducing the final chapter in your journey to finding the perfect daily moisturizer. The Daily Restorative Cream is a deeply penetrating formula that is gentle enough for daily use on even the most sensitive skin. Plastic free, Paraben Free, Perfume Free.

Shop for the planet; purchase at Fauna products at or in these select retailers: Cactus Blossom Collective in Montana, Holistic Ranch in California, Farm Club in Michigan, and Bloomingfoods in Indiana. SRP $34 USD in retail locations or $28 USD plus shipping and handling online.

Fauna Daily Restorative Cream - Land to Market Verified - Holiday Gift Guide

Thank You to Our 65+ Land to Market Members

Our members make it possible for regenerative farmers and ranchers to receive the recognition they deserve. Please support a healthier planet by supporting these brands who are partnering with us on their regenerative journeys to heal land by sourcing verified regenerative raw materials (like meat, dairy, wool and leather) for their products.

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