Land to Market Verified Regenerative Showcase at Natural Products Expo West

Brands Leading Regeneration at Expo West

It felt great to be back at Natural Products Expo West and see people out and about again! With so many of our member brands exhibiting or attending, we had our entire team there to support our members and meet many of them face-to-face for the first time.  


Land to Market members exhibiting at Expo West

Here is some of what we experienced from the show floor.

The Land to Market Team at Expo West
The Land to Market Team with Alexandre Family Farm
The Land to Market Team with Applegate
The Land to Market Team with Thousand Hills
The Land to Market Team with Pasture Bird
Land to Market at Expo West

Land to Market Members championing land health and showcasing the Land to Market verification seal

We now have over 1,000 Land to Market verified regenerative products in the marketplace. We spotted many of them at the show as well, touting the Land to Market seal.

Land to Market Verified Product: Epic Provisions
Land to Market Verified Product: Thousand Hills Ground Beef
Land to Market Verified Product: Applegate Do Good Dog
Land to Market Verified Product: Serenity Kids Beef Pouch
Land to Market Verified Product: Alexandre Family Farm Milk
Land to Market Verified Product: Figure Ate Biltong

In addition to the exhibition booths from the brands we work with, our team had a few speaking engagements, including one with Land to Market’s Chief Commercial Officer, Chris Kerston, as well as some of our members. Gina Asoudegan from Applegate and Zachary Angelini of Timberland shared a collaboration success story on regenerative sourcing and how food and fashion can work together to support farmers by sourcing raw ingredients (like beef and leather) from the same verified regenerative farms.

Chris Kerston sharing the stories of success on regenerative farming.
Speaker Lineup at an Expo West Panel Discussion

Building better-for-the-planet, regenerative supply chains

Do you know what Land to Market does? You may have seen our seal on products in the marketplace (like Alexandre Family Farm A2 OrganicMilk, or EPIC beef bars,) but we’re so much more than just a higher attribute labeling program.

Land to Market Verified Seal - Blue
A product with the Land to Market Verified Seal.

Land to Market is helping combat climate change by helping heal the planet’s grasslands using livestock. The gold standard of regenerative, Land to Market connects farmers who are managing their land to improve land health, and are verified regenerating, with brands that are looking to source verified regenerative raw materials, like meat, dairy, leather, wool, hemp, and wine.

We are primarily a supply platform. Land to Market provides its’ members with support in connecting with our existing suppliers already verified through EOV™ that are demonstrating positive environmental outcomes. Additionally, we work to create bespoke solutions for integrating brands’ current supply sources and supply chain partners for a more seamless supply chain.


Work with us to begin your journey into regeneration

If you are from a brand or farm in the natural products industry that is interested in starting your regenerative journey with Land to Market, contact us here to learn more.