Meet the Growing Land to Market Team

What happens when the Land to Market team finally gets to meet in person again?

What happens when the Land to Market team finally gets to meet in person again?

Head out to the land. We’re Land to Market so naturally we like to conduct meetings out on the land. This time we met at West Bijou Ranch, a stunning bison ranch in Strasburg, CO near Denver.

Meet new team members, or as we like to call it, family. Land to Market is growing, therefore the team is growing too! "The Land to Market team has grown rapidly over the last six months, but this was the first time that it was safe enough for most of us to meet in person. I can't tell you how incredible it felt to be face-to-face with these fellow champions for a better future," said Chris Kerston.

Go to the market for a big grocery haul for the ranch house. Again, given our name, Land to Market, you’ll also regularly find us in the marketplace checking in on products with the Land to Market Verified Seal. You better believe we picked up as many of our members’ products as we could get our hands on. We stocked the house for the week with delicious food from brands like, Alexandre Family Farms, Atkins Ranch, EPIC Provisions, Gleason Bison, Grasslands, LLC, James Ranch, and Parker Pastures. Thank you to our members who so graciously gave us products, like beef, lamb and bison, to fuel the team. We made some beautiful meals together.

Get to work! Given that Land is Market is the world's first verified sourcing solution for regenerative agriculture and we recently surpassed our 50th brand member, we’re busy planning ways to take our business to the next level! We’re optimizing our supply platform (for our members looking to source raw materials, like meat, dairy, leather, wool and cashmere from land that’s regenerating) and thinking of new ways to tell the many success stories of our members large and small all over the planet who are helping us heal land through regenerating grasslands.

Participate in EOV. We got to see how our experts verify the land for regenerative outcomes using the Savory Institute's Ecological Outcome Verification protocol. This involved a lot of looking down in various patches of the property to identify things like the amount of biodiversity versus bare ground. We examined the land to identify if it is trending positive -- looking for things such as, is it building more soil life, is organic matter increasing, more carbon absorption, more potential for infiltration of water, -- essentially if the land is teaming with life.  

Move nearly 500 bison grazing on the ranch. We experienced regenerative grazing up close, seeing how bringing livestock into the picture heals a landscape and makes it better. Through regenerative agriculture, we can see first hand that soil is restored, habitats are created for wildlife, biodiversity grows, and water and carbon are absorbed. Bonus for this time of year -- there were lots of cute baby bison living their best lives out on the range!

Take in some stunning views & drive some fun vehicles. When we look out over the land, it’s incredible to realize that if we can influence and restore a billion hectares of land around the world, we actually have the potential to reach a tipping point back on the right side of history in terms of carbon absorption, water security, food security, and also social security for the folks who manage that land because it becomes a system of abundance again for them.