Land to Market Holiday Gift & Entertainment Guide

Shop some of our favorite Land to Market verified regenerative products curated for thoughtful giving and entertaining.

Purchase Land to Market Verified Products to Help Save the Planet

Give and entertain with a purpose this holiday season! Land to Market, the world’s first verified sourcing solution for regenerative agriculture, suggests the following gifts from renowned brands that are fighting climate change by restoring the land.

Each of Land to Market’s brand members showcase the Land to Market verification seal, a distinction given to only those products that come from verified regenerating land. All of these companies (and all of our members) are committed to going far beyond sustainability to continuously improve land health, like soil biology as well as the entire ecosystem – water, land, air and animals. What does this mean? Consumers can trust that their purchase of Land to Market verified products are helping to regenerate grasslands and improve the health of the planet.

Look for the Land to Market Seal

Look for the Land to Market label in the marketplace, from grocery stores to department stores. Land to Market is the world leader in regenerative agriculture and the world’s first outcomes-based verified regenerative sourcing solution. Land to Market verifies thousands of products – from fashion to food –  that have been sourced from farms that have been scientifically measured as regenerative – healing land instead of degrading it. Regenerative agriculture builds soil fertility, sequesters carbon, protects watersheds, and facilitates biodiversity, thus healing the earth’s soil system and helping to fight the climate crisis.

Alec’s Ice Cream Sampler Pack 

Indulge in the sweet magic of the season with Alec's Ice Cream Sampler Pack! This delightful assortment is the perfect holiday treat for ice cream enthusiasts and regeneratively raised dairy lovers alike. Crafted with milk from Alexandre Family Farm, the sample pack offers a tempting array of unique and mouthwatering options. From classic favorites to inventive, festive blends, this Sampler Pack is a delightful journey through the world of artisanal, regeneratively sourced ice cream.

FOND Regenerative Beef and Chicken Bone Broth

Regeneratively raised cooking and sipping broth so gorgeous you can give it as a gift. It also works well in many traditional holiday recipes, providing a flavor and immune boost. While all of the flavors are all delicious, we love these 24-ounce regeneratively-sourced beef and chicken bone broths made from just bones, water, and salt for cooking. No added flavor from vegetables, herbs, or spices so you can add this to any and all festive recipes.

Summer Solace Perfumed Tallow Candle Trio

Illuminate the holiday season with the Summer Solace Tallow Candle Trio – a perfect gift for those who appreciate the warm glow of natural, regeneratively raised candles. Handcrafted with care and made from high-quality tallows, these candles bring a cozy ambiance to any space and emit subtle, soothing fragrances from organic essential oils.

UGG All Gender Neutral Crafted Regenerate

These all-gender boots are more than just footwear – they're a sustainable statement. Crafted with recycled materials, each pair offers the signature UGG coziness and reflects a commitment to regenerative agriculture. All of UGG’s Regenerate collection items are a perfect gift for those who appreciate fashion with a purpose.

Fauna Skincare Daily Restorative Cream

Give the gift of radiant and rejuvenated skin this holiday season with Fauna Skincare's Restorative Cream. Formulated with restoratively raised tallow, this luxurious cream nourishes, hydrates, and revitalizes. Packed with botanical extracts and antioxidants, it's the perfect addition to any skincare routine. The Restorative Cream from Fauna Skincare is a thoughtful present for those who appreciate the indulgence of self-care.

Balenciaga Deconstructed Jacket in Black

This avant-garde piece is a testament to Balenciaga's iconic style, featuring a deconstructed design that seamlessly blends edginess with elegance. Crafted with 100% Land to Market™ verified wool, this jacket is the perfect gift for the conscious, fashion-forward individual in your life. Gift the joy of cutting-edge fashion this holiday season with Balenciaga.

Serenity Kids Picky Eaters Bundle

Discover the perfect gift for the little ones (or new parents) in your life with Serenity Kids' Picky Eater Preventer Bundle. This is more than just a snack—it's a wellness journey for your child. Crafted with care, Serenity Kids' bundle features nutrient-dense, regeneratively sourced baby food that not only delights taste buds but also nourishes growing bodies.

EPIC Provisions

EPIC Provisions' Beef Barbacoa-Inspired Bar is inspired by the traditional Mexican Barbacoa style of slow cooking meat and is seasoned with a few flavorful spices for a bold taste with a touch of heat. We recommend adding these bars to your meat, cheese & fruit grazing boards when entertaining guests.

Woolfolk Merino Wool Yarn

If you're into knitting your own custom gifts, consider using Woolfolk's Land to Market verified Merino wool yarn and making gifts that help improve land health.

White Oak Pastures Beef

White Oak Pastures, a farm in Georgia, offers a variety of regeneratively-grown, Land to Market verified products, such as grass fed beef and honey, from their website You can send a box of goodies directly to the festive foodie in your life.

Kalona Supernatural Eggnog

Kalona Supernatural's Organic Eggnog enables you to enjoy the delicious flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, custard and cream. Add bourbon or your favorite spirit for a rich, crowd-pleasing holiday beverage

Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed Grass Fed Beef Chuck Pot Roast

If beef roast is on your holiday menu, consider Thousand Hills' chuck pot beef roast — a great family meal! 

Alexandre Family Farm A2 Organic Yogurt

If you're making breakfast for holiday guests, consider using dairy products from Alexandre Family Farm. It also works well in many holiday baking recipes, giving the dish a boost of protein and probiotics. And don't forget to leave some regeneratively raised milk out for Santa!

Force of Nature Ground Pork

If pork is on the menu this holiday entertaining season, consider cooking with Force of Nature's regeneratively raised ground pork.

Figure Ate Beef Biltong

Gift a taste of portable regenerative protein this season with Figure Ate Foods' Beef Biltong. Not only does this snack delight the palate with its rich, savory flavor, but it also reflects a conscious choice to support regenerative practices. This makes great stocking stuffers!

Wholesome Meats (Cream Co. Meats)

Wholesome Meats' ground beef is perfect for making mini beef sliders or meat balls as appetizers.

Cheddies Crackers

Cheedies' cheesy crackers comes in a variety of flavors and make for a burst of flavor on your holiday meat & cheese boards.

Bison from 777 Ranch and The Honest Bison

Bison meat is an amazing protein choice and is a real show-stopper for a main meal this holiday. Try our bison meat partners that all offer Land to Market verified bison meat: 777 Ranch and The Honest Bison.

REP Provisions' The Steak Lover Box

This bundle is a steak lovers dream and includes the following Land to Market verified beef products:
6 x 16oz Regenerative Ground Beef
2 x 8oz Regenerative NY Strips
2 x 10oz Regenerative Ribeyes
2 x 10-12oz Regenerative Skirt Steaks