Land to Market Featured at Climate Conference

It’s clear that the future of regenerative agriculture is evolving to be one that will be collaborative.

The Savory Institute was represented at a recent agriculture and climate change conference in Sacramento, CA. The conference was hosted by C-AGG (Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases). C-AGG’s mission is to be “the leading US multi-stakeholder organization focused on creating voluntary, market-based and incentive-based sustainable agriculture and climate change solutions for farmers, ranchers and society.”

Savory team member, Chris Kerston, gave a presentation on Land to Market which was very well received by the audience. There were also good presentations on emerging carbon markets as well as nascent markets for ecosystem services. Other groups that presented are working on studying correlations between agriculture practices and outcomes on the land which made for very interesting sessions. It was notable how much variability the data can show when specific practices are implemented in different contexts. This is a key reason why EOV and Land to Market focus specifically on ongoing observations and empirical outcomes on each piece of land. Additionally, a number of academic organizations featured properly managed livestock as a piece of the solution in their presentations.

It was powerful to see so many initiatives and policy developments focus on soil as the solution to climate change AND to see the group go so far as to recognize properly managed livestock as a huge component of that solution. We at Savory have often felt like an island, championing for soil, grasslands, and livestock all alone for many years. It’s clear that the future is evolving to be one that will be collaborative and the torch towards success will need to be carried by a number of organizations and champions. Exciting times are ahead…