Freedom Run Farm Joins Regenerative Agriculture Movement with Land to Market

Freedom Run Farm joins regenerative agriculture movement with Land to Market as part of a commitment to address climate change and heal the planet


Freedom Run Farm Joins Regenerative Agriculture Movement with Land to Market

As part of a commitment to address climate change and heal the planet

Photo source: Freedom Run Farm

Glendale, Kentucky USA (June 5, 2023)Freedom Run Farm today announced its membership in Land to Market, the world’s first verified sourcing solution for regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture is a nature-based approach that goes far beyond sustainability to continuously improve the entire ecosystem -- soil, water, air and animals. 

We are dedicated to stewardship of the land, the family, and the flock,” said Valerie Samutin, Executive Director, Freedom Run Farm “Raised right, tastes right” has always been our motto. With the Land to Market seal, our customers can have confidence that Freedom Run Farm lamb products have been scientifically proven to heal the earth. “Ewe” can find our products at Kroger and many great restaurants across the country,” continued Samutin.

Freedom Run Farm commits to 100% procurement coming from Land to Market verified regenerative land. This total holistic approach encompasses our company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental health; you cannot only be committed to animal welfare without also tending to the ground beneath them. For us Land to Market it is the ultimate seal to put on our label. We are proud to begin using the Land to Market verification seal on all of our products this summer 2023. 

“Consumers and retailers are asking for not just sustainable, but also regeneratively-sourced products (like lamb) coming from land that is verified as regenerative,” said David Rizzo, Land to Market’s Co-CEO. “Our Land to Market verification seal assures retailers and their shoppers that products came from land that is having a net positive outcome on the environment. By working with producers, like Freedom Run Farm, Land to Market is answering that market demand and scaling regenerative here in the USA as well as all over the planet,” continued Rizzo. 

Land to Market works directly with farmers, ranchers and other raw material producers using Ecological Outcome VerificationTM(EOV), a scientific protocol that measures land health and verifies whether farmland is in a state of regeneration or degeneration. EOV was developed by the nonprofit Savory Institute, together with Michigan State University, Texas A&M, Ovis 21, The Nature Conservancy and others. 

As farmers and ranchers implement practices that regenerate their land, EOV measures the environmental impact and provides feedback for continuous improvement. As more land is regenerated, more vegetation is grown and more CO2 is removed from the atmosphere — helping to reduce

temperature shifts caused by rising carbon in the atmosphere. In this way, regenerative agriculture has a critical role to play in addressing climate change. 

About Freedom Run Farm 

Freedom Run Farm is a vertically integrated lamb company dedicated to producing premium quality, consistently, all year round. We are culinary centric; focused on providing a superlative dining experience with lamb whether at home or in a restaurant setting. The company began with a small consortium of shepherds serving local chefs in Kentucky in 2012. From this collaborative foundation we developed the specifications for which Freedom Run Farm Lamb is known; a fully finished lamb with marbleization, delicious taste, and generous portion size. We have always been committed to the highest standards of animal welfare and sustainable practices; our motto is ‘Raised Right, Taste, Right”. From pasture to plate we have final quality assurance. Freedom Run Farm Lamb is now sourced from multiple regions with customers in both food service and grocery stores Since opening our own processing facility in 2021, our sales have grown by over 180%. Freedom Run Farm is changing the way people think about lamb. We invite “Ewe’ll” to check us out at

About Land to Market 

A leader in the regenerative agriculture movement, Land to Market is the world’s first outcomes-based verified regenerative sourcing solution. The program’s Land to Market Verified seal has attracted some of the world’s leading consumer packaged goods companies, apparel brands and retailers. A program of the Savory Institute, Land to Market uses a science-based approach working directly with raw material producers to enhance transparency and traceability mechanisms across the entire value chain. To see the full list of Land to Market members, visit

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