6 Tips for Earth Day — Ways to Support Regenerative Agriculture

Here's how you can support the improvement of environmental health this Earth Day

6 Tips for Earth Day — Ways You Can Support Regenerative Agriculture & Improve the Health of our Planet

As shoppers, one of the easiest ways to help heal the environment is by buying products that come from verified regenerative farms. Look for the Land to Market verification seal in stores on products from food to fashion. Products with the Land to Market seal come from land that is verified as regenerating, which is helping heal land instead of degrade it. Regenerative goes beyond sustainable; it's improving land health.

Verified Land to Market Regenerative Seal - Navy Blue


1. Learn more about the over 80+ brands leading regenerative such as Ugg, Alexandre Family Farm, Applegate, Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed & EPIC Provisions, that we work with around the world that are committed to helping heal the planet by sourcing or farming regeneratively.

2. Educate yourself by watching documentaries, such as Kiss the Ground and To Which We Belong. Storytelling is always such a compelling way to get informed on topics and motivate yourself and others.

3. Support NGOs, like the Savory Institute, that teach farmers and ranchers around the world how to heal their land through holistic management of livestock. Savory Institute specifically addresses the regeneration of the planet's grasslands. If we can heal all the grasslands (and we CAN,) that will likely have a significant impact on climate change. Give to Savory to help heal more of the planet's grasslands by becoming a Regenerating Member. Learn more here https://savory.global.

4. Get out on the land to see regeneration for yourself. Many of the farm hubs we work with around the world have field days open to the public. There is no substitute for getting out on land and seeing how a neighboring property looks compared to the regenerating one, or looking back at past photos of degraded land and comparing that to how it is thriving now.

5. Try making your own backyard healthier. Remember that regeneration is ultimately about maximizing photosynthesis. Do what you can to keep your plants in the growing stage for as much of the year as possible. If you have a little bit of land you might consider getting some small livestock to keep your grass pruned and in the right stage of growth. Ducks, geese, rabbits, or a few sheep and goats can be amazing even on smaller properties. Tools like polynet electric fence are game changers for homesteaders. You can still develop a Holistic Grazing Plan for small properties.

6. Look for the seal on products to know that you are voting with your dollar to support farmers and brands that are helping regenerate grasslands and contribute to improving the overall health of the planet. We work with brands that produce food, beverage, footwear and fashion products; learn more here.