Jonnah Perkins

Content Engagement Manager

Jonnah is a media producer and creative strategist specializing in agriculture, food, and environmental subject matter.

Her background in agriculture is at the intersection of high intensity production, direct to consumer systems management, business to business marketing, and multidisciplinary storytelling. She has worked with global brands and publications in the outdoor recreation, wild food, agriculture, and culinary spaces to share stories that shape movements and build understanding around complex issues.

Over a decade ago, her introduction to farming came through an opportunity to work alongside her family in their 3000+ member community supported agriculture program serving the Madison, WI area. Vermont Valley Community Farm was one of the nation's largest CSA farms delivering exclusively what was produced on-farm. Her interest in food production extended beyond vegetable cultivation and into animal agriculture which led her to utilizing non-tillable acreage on her family's farm for a small chicken, hog and cattle enterprise.

After 24 years of leadership in the CSA movement, Jonnah's family decided to retire the program to focus on organic seed potato production, through the new farm name, Mythic Farm. She was part of developing the farm into a national brand who’s potatoes are now grown out by farmers and gardeners around the country.

In an effort to understand larger agricultural issues and have an impact beyond her home ecosystem, Jonnah applied her passion for written and visual storytelling to other landscapes. Jonnah lives near the family farm with her husband and two children and she loves to explore close to home and in far away places.

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