Onda Wellness

Onda Wellness

Onda Wellness is a producer of Land to Market verified CBD oil and is based in Boulder, Colorado.

Onda’s mission is to heal people, empower farmers, and support the regeneration of the Earth. Onda is striving to create an alternative path away from conventional, commodity farming and corporate industrial agriculture and towards regenerative agriculture, paving the way for a higher standard in the herbal wellness industry.

Onda’s Founder & CEO, Stephen Smith, says, “The concept of “sustainable” just isn’t enough anymore. We are past the point of sustaining on this Planet. We need not just neutral existence, but proactive and beneficial action and participation from all beings to try to heal the degradation of the Earth.

We support farming that considers the long-term benefits of building soil health, restoring ecosystems and producing nutrient dense food and herbal medicine.”

Three of Onda’s hemp CBD oil tinctures are now Land to Market verified and are available to purchase online on Onda’s website here https://ondawellness.com/shop/tinctures. When you see the Land to Market verification seal on products, like Onda’s, you can know that the product comes from farm land that is verified as regenerating, making the Earth better and healthier. 

To learn more about Onda, watch this video about why they support regenerative agriculture and see our recent news here.

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Onda Wellness
Onda Wellness
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