Erem, a desert outdoor performance brand, was born out of a love for the desert, a conviction that outdoor gear could be made to higher environmental standards, and a belief that a company can positively and forever impact people, place, and planet.

The desert is one of the most demanding and extreme environments on Earth, but also one of the most rewarding.  Erem obsesses about desert performance - breathability, durability, protection, long-term comfort - so adventurers can fully immerse themselves while there.

Climate change, depletion of natural resources, and the challenges facing indigenous communities are existential problems for all of us and particularly visible in the desert. Erem believes that what they sell and what you buy should positively impact issues.

Erem’s products are Biocircular, meaning they only use materials with 100% proven paths back to nature.  The brand further minimizes its footprint by incentivizing customers to return its boot for repairs and re-streaming into new Erem products.  

In addition to footwear, the brand has also committed to its Prickly Pear Program, where it aims to capture carbon, tackle food scarcity, and save water by planting 1 million of these cacti.  Erem has already planted 250 prickly pear at their partner farm in California.

Erem has become a Land to Market member with a goal to become 100% regenerative.  

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